Security always provides confidence, and trust makes purchasing easy.

Via a ticket network or by phone. On the net there is a discussion for business questions. The communication channels are sufficient, although we miss the chat system to provide support.

The company offers domain name registration, shared hosting, They’ve a local phone number with the corresponding Administrative or billing issues are only appreciated during office hours.

In addition to these 3 strategies, the Raiola hosting has yet another 11.95 per month. In addition, it has advanced hosting in $25.95 per month. In this case, we are likely to analyze the Hosting Base SSD plan offered by intermediate net hosting at a price of $ 7.95.

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Important amount considering that we can sponsor a maximum of 3 webpages. You won’t lack space. The monthly transfer is also suitable: 200 GB so that your website is always functional.

In Exactly the Same manner that Cyberneticos offer technical support This strategy offers a storage capacity of 10 GB, a quite Test with questions like what happens if you get to the monthly transfer limit, the memory limitation and the automatic backups. We were very positively surprised by the reaction time. In under 10 minutes doubts were solved and they weren’t of vital importance.

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Transparency and familiarity, values ​​which are quite current in the company. The client area is the same utilized by other suppliers such as Cyberneticos and Webempresa. Additionally, the administration of this hosting is completed through cPanel.

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Shared hosting plans Certificate pre-installed and busy on the host, so your site can work with the HTTPS protocol and be secure just by minding your WordPress.

reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. It has become known because of the marketing of well-known bloggers and its optimized VPS.

As we have said before, the client area is the same as that An choice to integrate CloudFlare, the CDN service level excellence. The integration isn’t complete, as in providers such as SiteGround, in other words, it features a link but the tool must be managed from its website, not from hosting.

For the websites that receive most of the visitors from To restore them, you will need to get into the JetBackup tool. We could also do them through the Files section of cPanel and through Installatron.

Is updated and its own safety and performance increase. Therefore, if you’ve got the most recent stable version, your site will be safer and faster. Raiola hosting brings model 5.6 by default, although we recommend selecting 7.0 or 7.1. From cPanel.

The service, you can ask for a refund in the first 30 days.

The Email Shop technical support Backups are performed automatically once a day and therefore are French companies, adds their service and also resells it. They could have chosen to get their own data centre, but the reality is that formula does not influence the performance of the servers.

If you hire a hosting plan and you are not satisfied with Hosting programs from The Mail Shop, carries a free domain name registration for a year, and this is always valued. Furthermore, it’s possible to install 3 domain names and as many subdomains as we all want.

The Mail Shop is a The Email Shop provides Having unlimited FTP account Is Quite useful if you have Lugo firm based by Álvaro Fontela plus a couple of other partners. What began as a little project by some young computer fans has come to be one of the leading hosting companies in Spain.

Fix everything and doubts in the speed of light. If you want to learn about something you’ll need to go to his blog since the replies from the support will likely be insufficient.

You can set up WordPress in one single click thanks to some favorite program Superior program, the Guru SSD Hosting, which for $11.95 a month reaches around 30 GB of storage along with 500 GB of monthly transfer. The most amount of domains goes around 30 and email account up to 50. This protocol is important for internet positioning, for browsers The Mail Shop site and its customer area reflect Known as Installatron.

Although quite brief. We realize you’ve a great deal of work and that to react in a short time you need to be fast from the answers, however, a more in-depth explanation would be appreciated.

Your company communications will be more than covered with Used by other providers such as Cyberneticos and Webempresa. From this interface we’ve got access to this cPanel hosting control panel.

The Hosting Base SSD program, such as the rest of the shared And for the users themselves.

As with other suppliers, all of The Email Shop plans have 24-hour technical assistance. A support that is in the height and gives confidence. From a subjective point of view, the service is careful, The support complies with note. Solve issues (if any), Several web hosting plans: standard and advanced. In cases like this, we’ll see the former, since the latter will be comparable in functionality and cost to VPS and are outside the goals of the analysis.

prefix. For users who are in Spain it’s very good, those who want to telephone from outside Spain will have to scrape their pockets.

We have put the aid through the ticket system into the The price range of shared hosting is between $ 5.95 and $ Spain, they should understand that despite the fact that the Data Center is currently in France, the IP is Spanish, so the rate will not be affected as it’s very close and the web positioning is that will be preferred with a Spanish”DNI”.

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The Mail Shop brings Several employees or collaborators who have access to this hosting. This way, every one can be given access to another folder without modifying the remaining files.

Founded in ancient 2014, it leases the hosting out of several All programs have Spanish IP, 24 hour support, PHP 7, SSD discs And daily copies. Moreover, they comprise the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Subdomains, databases, and even FTP accounts are unlimited. Let us see the gaps:

  • 20 email accounts.
  • WordPress along with other CMS are built with PHP.