Choose your sales channels

To reach new customers, select the sales channels where your target audience is already shopping. The best combination of sales channels depends on the products you sell and your target audience, but there are numerous options that can complement your store.

Increase sales with Instagram Shopping

Facebook shop

4. Preparation for launch

To prepare for the launch of a virtual shop, organize yourself with shipments and returns. Here are some useful indications:

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How to implement a winning return policy for you and your customers

If you want to avoid leaving out some important steps, take a look at our list of things to remember when launching a shop:

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5. Post-launch phase

Start selling in a virtual store

Acquire the first customer

After the launch, the marketing phase begins. In some cases, it may be advantageous to open a physical store , but other than that, digital marketing is essentially based on one point: generating targeted traffic . So here is a series of marketing tactics that will help you in the first few months of activity.

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Promote your virtual store

At this point you are on your way and you have probably already made sales. The time has come to focus seriously on marketing. Here are some methods you can use to generate traffic and conversions:

Email marketing

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Social media marketing

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Optimization to increase conversions

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Exploiting analytical data

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This is just the beginning

Opening a virtual store is as exciting as it is challenging. It allows you to learn many things at a very fast pace: how to choose a product, understand how to produce it, create an online store, do marketing, make sales, acquire new customers … Coping with all this is difficult, but also extremely rewarding.

We hope our collection of resources will help you, if only to offer you a clearer roadmap to follow. As always, the best advice we can give you is to start and above all have fun on your business journey.