Coconut oil for velvety skin

Coconut oil is highly hydrating and provides valuable substances to the skin that provide a soft feeling. Especially in the parts that require more hydration, coconut oil is very effective. For example, on elbows or knees. Melt coconut oil on your hands and apply the oil to these parts of the skin, for example, once a week. Coconut oil is a very good care product used as a base for homemade body butter. Body butter is perfect for applying to the skin after showering and for extensive care in the winter months or after sunbathing.
Coconut oil against warts
The skin, due to its size and protective function, constitutes a large attack surface and is subjected daily to new pathogens. To protect it and deal with these types of attacks, coconut oil can be used for the skin with good results. Although warts are mostly harmless, they are very bothersome and cumbersome. Especially in some more visible places like the hands, warts are not the most attractive. Coconut oil can be used as wart therapy, both preventively and to treat acute warts. After especially dangerous situations, such as going to the pool or going barefoot in the sauna, you can apply coconut oil after showering on your hands and feet as it has an antiviral effect.
If you already have warts, you can apply coconut oil in a timely manner. Also in these cases, you have to pay close attention to clean and disinfected hands, or use a cotton swab. After applying coconut oil to the affected area, cover it with a plaster. In case of persistent warts, it can be very useful to apply a tincture of tea tree oil and coconut oil.
Coconut oil as deodorant
By the way: coconut oil is also perfect as a deodorant thanks to its antibacterial lauric acids. It inhibits the reproduction of odor-causing bacteria and also has a sweet aroma that evokes exotic images of the beach and palm trees. Coconut oil calms irritated and itchy underarm skin, for example after shaving.
Coconut oil for after sunbathing
Coconut oil is perfect as care after sunbathing. Simply apply coconut oil generously to the skin. This calms the skin and hydrates it. Thus you can enjoy brown skin for a long time. Coconut oil is good for soothing lightly burned skin. Coconut oil quickly reduces redness and irritation and provides enough hydration so that the skin does not begin to peel.
Coconut oil against dry skin
From experience we know that coconut oil provides softness to dry skin and sufficient hydration. Precisely on dry skin and affected areas of the body, coconut oil can be a fantastic cosmetic product thanks to its extensive care effect. Those responsible for this effect are the minerals, fatty acids and valuable antioxidants in the oil.
or punished feet, coconut oil from coconut is a real blessing. Simply apply coconut oil to your feet at night, cover them with cotton socks and the next day your feet will be completely soft. If your shoes squeeze you or you have spent the whole night dancing, there is nothing better than a relaxing foot massage. Simply apply coconut oil as massage oil and pamper your feet with the oil.
Coconut oil and scars
Applied in massage form, coconut oil can also contribute to the healing process of recent scars and faster skin regeneration, making the scars less visible. Many of its valuable substances contribute to a quick healing of scars. Among these substances are, among others, group B vitamins and, in particular, vitamin E. Thanks to its high fat and natural content, coconut oil cares for scar tissue, so that it does not harden as much, but rather it becomes elastic and soft.
Coconut oil to heal wounds
The active substances in coconut oil aid in wound healing and speed up the process. Coconut oil is especially beneficial in cuts. Thanks to the antibacterial, antiviral and fungicidal effect, it can protect against possible infections and contribute to the healing process. Thanks to quality fatty acids and its healing properties, it can help decrease scarring after an injury.
Hands cared for with coconut oil from Dr. Goerg
Coconut oil against cellulite and stretch marks of pregnancy
There is hardly a woman who can do something about the annoying cellulite, popularly known as orange peel. Coconut oil can help sagging skin become more elastic and smooth. The connective tissue structure is reinforced in the long term. Coconut oil brings valuable minerals and moisture to the skin’s surface. The skin structure improves, the skin becomes smoother, making it appear more elastic and symmetrical. With its long-term and regular use, coconut oil can prevent cellulite preventively.
Also a very recurring problem are stretch marks of pregnancy, which also occur in case of extreme weight gain or loss. Coconut oil works against stretch marks in a similar way as it does with cellulite. Applied regularly, coconut oil gives skin elasticity, preventing unpleasant stretch marks. For example, apply coconut oil to the skin when weight changes occur or during pregnancy. Coconut oil also improves existing pregnancy stretch marks.
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Coconut oil for the face
Coconut oil: care for the face – Dr. Goerg
Coconut oil for the face
Coconut oil is not only perfect for cooking, it can also be used in a very versatile way in the bathroom. The unique combination of active ingredients in aromatic oil is perfect for face care. The face is one of the most closely watched parts of people’s bodies. It is responsible for the first impression during communication and determines the external image. Since the skin of the face, unlike the rest of the body, is not covered by clothing, it is constantly exposed to external factors. These include UV radiation, wind, hot air from heating, and all other environmental impacts. That is why it is important to pay close attention to the face, take care of it and protect it regularly and carefully. For all this, coconut oil is suitable for use as a natural care product for the face. However, it is essential not to use industrial coconut oil, but only bio virgin coconut oil.
Coconut oil against skin impurities and pimples
Many people have oily, porous skin that tends to impurities. Coconut oil can act against skin impurities and pimples. This is due to the valuable substances in coconut oil, especially the large percentage of natural lauric acid contained in coconut oil. Lauric acid has been scientifically proven on many occasions to be an effective and natural substance against viruses, bacteria and fungi. After a thorough cleansing, coconut oil can be applied in small amounts as a relaxing massage on the skin with impurities on the face. Use the organic virgin coconut oil with total tranquility in the neck and cleavage if the skin in these areas tends to impurities and pimples.
Coconut oil against pimples and acne
Not only at puberty, but also in adulthood many people are tormented by pimples and acne. It is especially irritating when these inflammations leave traces on the skin such as pigmentation disorders or scars. Coconut oil, thanks to its abundant lauric acid content, is effective against pimples and acne. The pimples are small inflammations. With its antibacterial property, coconut oil can inhibit inflammation and relax affected skin parts and treat them sustainably. The use of coconut oil with the beans can be done partially. To apply coconut oil to the beans, the hands must be completely clean or a clean cotton swab must be used. On the contrary, there is a risk of spreading other bacteria or harmful substances on the skin. If used regularly and meticulously, coconut oil can help with pimples and acne.
Coconot oil against wrinkles
Wrinkles can ruin spirits when looking in the mirror. The cosmetic industry promises with innumerable jars and preparations at exorbitant prices a reduction of the problem. However, these types of products are manufactured industrially and often with artificial ingredients. This increases the risk of side effects such as allergies or intolerances. A danger that is rather unlikely when using natural cosmetic products. Over time, sooner or later, everyone will have wrinkles, however, coconut oil can be applied as a natural product against wrinkles, reducing them and preventing them.
Valuable ingredients are the natural key to coconut oil against wrinkles. It is full of vitamin, mineral and nutrient complexes. Coconut oil can act against wrinkles, especially thanks to the antioxidants and lauric acids contained. These are in charge of bringing softness to the skin and making it smoother. Through extensive care with vitamins and moisture, the skin remains elastic and can counteract future wrinkles. To use coconut oil against wrinkles, it is recommended to apply a small amount of oil by massaging the affected parts of the skin. Use coconut oil against wrinkles several times a week after washing your skin and before going to sleep. Coconut oil works at night against wrinkles.
Beautiful skin thanks to coconut oil against wrinkles – Dr. Goerg
Coconut oil against dark circles
Dark circles are those ugly things that usually appear in the stressful days or weeks of our lives. Too much stress, too little rest, illness or a crazy party … dark circles are pre-programmed to appear in these situations. After the relevant relaxation, rest and cooling you can try to fight dark circles with coconut oil. The skin around our eyes is very sensitive and fine. Here, aggressive products should be dispensed with and only natural products should be applied. Coconut oil is also ideal for applying to these areas of the eyes. Distribute a little coconut oil on your clean fingers and massage it in the lower part of the eyes. A light massage makes the properties of coconut oil penetrate the skin more quickly,
Coconut oil for eyelashes
The eyelashes give the eyes a natural and beautiful contour. For an especially expressive look it is important that the eyelashes are thick and elastic. Women often turn to products that darken and lengthen eyelashes. To do this, they undergo daily procedures such as molding with the eyelash curler and the use of mascara. But, like our hair, eyelashes can be affected by these treatments and become brittle. This is why regular eyelash care is also very important. A gentle and thorough cleaning of the eyelashes every night is essential. Otherwise, the traces of mascara could harden the eyelashes, twisting and breaking them during sleep. Regularly applying coconut oil to the eyelashes provides softness and elasticity, in addition to effective nutrients and vitamins. You just have to melt a little coconut oil between your thumb and forefinger, and then massage your eyelashes carefully. For optimal eyelash care, coconut oil should be applied long-term and several times a week.