A dependable and safe environment with guaranteed SLA
Today information technology represents the heart of each and every business activity and also the infrastructure that supports it takes on increasingly uk server colocation fundamental importance. Maintaining and creating a secure, flexible and highly linked data center can be a distraction through the tasks of your IT department.
rackspace colocation could be the alternative which allows one to direct your attention; by allowing us to take care of your infrastructure, we can assist you to improve the availability and performance of one’s applications, ensure greater security and allow your users experience an improved experience.
colocation uk
cheap colocation services allow you to create solutions that are customized dozens of businesses that want to use their hardware or have committed information center solutions. All services are supplied by our 1u colocation pricing; the dwelling is our home plus in our complete management.
Alt Rack
The answer for single units or cabinets that are multiple even handled
Each cabinet has 42 units, each powered by 3KW and set up using its firewall with the capacity of accommodating the designs of each and every customer, a wan switch and a gigabit LAN.
Alt Cage
A completely private arranged area
The cage could be the ideal solution for all those whom require a space totally dedicated to them, who need unique privacy and security demands, a safe and dependable substitute for creating a datacenter of their infrastructure.
It guarantees high degrees of privacy by additionally access that is limiting the space surrounding the devices on their own.
Alt Rack
Reliable and test that is inexpensive
The ideal solution for those companies that require an actual test environment, without compromise as well as a lower expense; the rack lets you place normal tower UK host uk colocation in a designated environment utilizing theĀ  same quality of rack solutions.
What exactly are your preferences?
Fully Guaranteed Uptime
NS3 has maintained a community uptime of 99.997% in recent years. The structure for the information center is constantly improving to produce every service more reliable, the current state of the infrastructure allows us to provide 99.999% uptime not just on connectivity but additionally on our core infrastructure.
colocation uk does not mean only hardware positioned in a reliable site, it is the safety of getting reliable and competent help at your part, to prepare your launch or to help you minimize any inefficiencies.