GUCCI leather belt bag

The Gucci firm surprised everyone during its latest collection, as this accessory came to life in men’s fashion, this article claims the inspiration of the 80s in fashion, although the firm continues to bet on the elimination of gender barriers.

This accessory will also offer enough comfort to your partner and can be an ideal gift for him.

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GUCCI leather corner bag The GUCCI leather belt bag, is one of the bags that stole the most attention during the last season

6. Money clips: A classic men’s accessory

The ticket clips are very functional and comfortable, surely your boy will love to have an article like this if he does not already have it. Its function is easy, keeping money tidy and in one place, it will also prevent paper money from breaking or being all messy. It is an accessory that will give class and elegance and of course will make a modern man for your boy.

Many men’s fashion houses have made the banknote clips from very ambitious materials, such as titanium, gold, silver, steel, others have chosen to cover them with leather

We will show you part of the options that you could recommend to your partner to buy or perhaps if you dare you can give him this accessory at any special time.

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accessories for menThe ‘Champs Elyées’ model made of Louis Vuitton signature steel, is an accessory that every man wants to have

7. Scarves A glam accessory for winter!

Although this accessory is not very common in men, it cannot be missing in your partner’s wardrobe either, remember that there are winter seasons and they can be the most useful for them. Although if your boy has an extrovert and modern style, he can put aside his ties and use this garment as an accessory to highlight his personality.

The scarf for men offers great versatility and style, especially when color is introduced to a very linear garment, clear without compromising its functionality.

Scarves are generally 1.5 meters long, with a width that can range from 15 to 35 centimeters. Although some men like Lenny Kravitz have popularized the giant scarves. Another issue to consider is the height of your partner because the scarf could vary according to this information.

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Scarves will keep your boy away from respiratory problems while looking very chic.

8. Handkerchief: A romantic and tasteful men’s accessory

The pocket square is an accessory that men increasingly use, if your boy has a formal style, either for work or for important events, this accessory will highlight its elegance.

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The pocket square is an accessory that symbolizes elegance and dates back to the French and British nobles of the 500s BC.

Pocket handkerchiefKnowing how to achieve the perfect harmony between the set of the suit, tie or bowtie, shirt and a pocket square, your boy will capture the attention of those around them

However, there are also some basic rules or regulations for the pocket square to fulfill its true function, which is to maximize status.

Pay attention so that you recommend your partner and he lives up to the commitment:

The pocket square must be in harmony with both the suit and the tie or bowtie, the colors must match or at least belong to the same range

Make sure your boyfriend uses a pocket square that stands out in terms of the texture of the tie or bow tie

The pocket square can also be used in semi-formal events, but knowing how to make this accessory stand out in terms of the color of the jacket that your boy selects

Pocket handkerchief

Remind your partner that the pocket square should match the texture of the suit, tie and shirt

9. Chic Men’s Ties

Ties are the accessory most used by men, if your boy chooses to wear a formal suit, you should know that ties will always be a safe accessory in his look.

It is a symbol of status, power and elegance within men’s fashion.

As it is an accessory widely used by men, there are also multiple styles of ties, there are only one color, striped, strong colors, with sports, checkered, geometric, dotted patterns among others

Again you must know the style of your fiancé and the occasion to which he goes to choose a chord tie, this accessory can accentuate, minimize or completely ruin a look, which could be remembered as one of the best.

Men’s ties

Ties are the ideal accessory for men, considered the accessory most worn by them

Let’s see some tips to choose a tie for men

Bonded bottom ties work great with one-tone suits, they’re stylish and conservative. They have a very small pattern that at first glance seems to be a single color.

It is safer to avoid shiny materials.

Striped ties  are classic and can be large or small, diagonal or horizontal stripes, the most elegant are diagonal and slim stripes and go very well with gray suits or darker tones.

The thickness of the stripes should be chosen according to the proportions of the body; If your boy is a short person, the stripes should be fainter.

Sports ties, with small and repetitive patterns can be worn with all kinds of dresses, but remember that these are aimed at more informal events.