Is the hosting current on safety?

Now that you are aware of the dangers that lurk and the safety measures you have to employ to decrease the risk, now is the time to speak about hosting.
It will be of use to have a bulletproof WordPress if the server where you have hosted it’s a drain. A hosting service must provide security components at the host level; it should be the first line of defense.
Utilize a professional hosting provider
Verify the qualities of the hosting service which you are going to employ for your website and be sure that security is just one of its priorities.
Operating system

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We recommend you bet on Linux on Windows. Both platforms have safety issues and are often targeted by malicious users; However, Linux continues to have a specific advantage due to its network of developers.
Linux is not risk-free, but so far it’s ready to correct security issues much faster and more efficiently than Windows.

Is the hosting up to date on safety?

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Here are some of the measures which you should consider at a shared hosting service.
The correct permissions of your Hosting ought to be:

In case you don’t have them like that by default, you can start considering altering Hosting.
Utilization of an isolation system per hosting accounts, so that bad behaviour or the hacking of a website hosted on the host does not influence the rest.
Utilization of real time monitoring software that examine all files that are read or written to disc, to make certain they do not include malware or suspicious code.
Use of systems to Prevent Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS).

Preventive measures to avoid brute force attacks on WordPress.
Utilization of a WAF (Web Application Firewall). Thanks to it, security rules could be established, which will stop the majority of the attacks carried out on WordPress.
In this way, even though some plugin in your website includes a vulnerability in the code, the WAF is likely to prevent this attack.
Server-level configuration which prevents a directory listing (a user is able to see the files in a certain folder on the internet ) or learn the version of PHP that is operating, as this seriously compromises security.
Protection of databases. Among other steps, the correct thing would be to simply allow access to them from the host itself, rather than from remote computers.
MySQL port closed: the perfect is the MySQL interface is shut, and if you want to access from your home, that you simply enable access only for your IP.

Upgraded applications: as with your WordPress and its plugins, so it is important that the software used by the server is upgraded, because old versions of it may also be exposed.
An added value that a hosting service can offer is the automatic backup of our data in order that, if we must return to a former condition of our site we always have a backup copy.
But remember the simple fact that your hosting service currently makes automatic backups is no excuse for you to make your own copies.
The backup available in your hosting service doesn’t need to correspond with the exact date of the state of the net that you would like to recover.
These are just some of the steps we apply at Webempresa which enable us and our clients to sleep more peacefully.
We track all our services 24 hours per day and our specialized team receives alarms when suspicious activities are found so as to act quickly and in communicating with the customer.
Our program administrators occasionally update the principles that protect WordPress hosted on our own servers against vulnerabilities or security defects.
Tracking new ways to attack WordPress should be a continuous daily endeavor, you can not let your guard down!
More wood for moderate and advanced users
WordPress security for advanced users
The security measures which can be applied to protect your WordPress are numerous, and we do not need to overwhelm you with complex changes.
However, if you are an advanced user and wish to continue working on the safety of your WordPress, here are some additional improvements that you could apply.
Activate the automatic update on your WordPress
In version 3.7 of WordPress a great improvement was made adding the automatic update of WordPress.
By keeping this option enabled, we’ll ensure that security updates will be installed as soon as they are available.
You may configure automatic WordPress core upgrades in the wp-config.php file. You just have to add the following lines for each of these settings:

normal WordPress dashboard | Tom Woodward | Flickr

Plugin and template updates are best done manually as they can be sensitive and may cause errors on the internet if compatibility with the WordPress variant is not well verified.
Modify your WordPress login url
In websites made with WordPress, access to the administration is done by default in the url or
The attackers know the access and try to exploit the accessibility by launching brute force attacks.
By changing this url to get the government you will avoid those brute force access efforts.
Learn how to do it by consulting the content Modify your WordPress login to avoid brute force attacks.
Note At Webempresa, for our customers, we already incorporate security measures aimed at protecting to wp-admin and /wp-login.php from this type of attack, so it isn’t necessary for you to implement this type of security steps.
3. Protect files that may compromise the safety of your site.
There are various files that can compromise WordPress security.
There are some files that are added together with the WordPress setup, which are only informative, but whose advice can be useful to attackers.
You’re able to see in our blog the way to shield them: Files that undermine WordPress safety.