Responsible for the creation of a web site

Responsible for the creation of a web site and also the functionalities that go along with it, the net developer may be a multitasking and multilingual programmer, very flexible (agile), so as to adapt to the numerous needs of a web site. a true challenge in recent years, developers are highly wanted on the work market. it’s on the shoulders of the net developer that the responsibility for the correct functioning of a web site rests (new service, site maintenance, speed …). How to become an internet Developer?

Mission of the profession: Web developer To be complete and effective, the work of an internet developer will be lessened into several stages, each presenting different missions. the work of web developer therefore consists in successively undertaking: • polishing off a technical analysis to spot, understand and analyze customer needs; • the look of the web site by imagining and creating the technical architecture of this site; • the programming of this website; • the organization of tests to verify the correct functioning of the assorted functionalities implemented; • providing technical assistance by providing customers with technical and functional documentation, or by monitoring and correcting problems encountered over time. Job sheet: a way to become an internet developer LP / AD SYNONYMS OF THE PROFESSION computer programmer internet developer Become an internet Developer: Qualifications required Can be dropped at work independently from a specification previously defined (except in large companies that may afford to create a team of several web developers), the net developer should be able to do their job in autonomy while by taking note of customer expectations. additionally to an ideal command of the languages ​​used for web development (PHP, SQL, Java …) and also the different tools and software necessary for the creation of internet sites, the net developer must be creativeif he wants to possess an opportunity to induce an area within the profession. dropped at self-training throughout his career, he must even be able to adapt to the newest innovations, or perhaps innovate, if he doesn’t want to be overtaken by the competition. Web developer: career / possibility of evolution: The job of web developer will be directly accessible without prior experience, provided you justify the qualities described above and, almost obligatorily, be able to present a primary creation . If not hired by a corporation or a specialized agency, the net developer can opt to practice his profession as a contract. the power to approach new customers will then be the key to its success. After having allotted various projects for every kind of clients, the net developer can climb a step in his professional situation and position himself as a technical director , to supervise successively one or more web developers. Gross monthly salary for a beginner: € 2,500 Become an internet developer: training required Many training courses prepare you for the work of web developer. After a primary specialization in engineering which is very appreciated (for example the selection of the topic “Computer science and digital sciences” for college kids in Terminal 5), the long run web developer are going to be able to make a choice from short courses (bac + 2) of the kind DUT or BTS in engineering , or further studies up to bac + 5 level with specialized masters . Training from specialized schools and engineering schools also are presented as alternatives for accessing the profession of web developer. Situation of the profession / context to become an internet developer Since its appearance, the web has been constantly changing and is continually evolving. during this field where only creativity and innovative capacities seem to be the boundaries of its development, the profession of web developer contains a bright future. There are still, in fact, many companies in France or abroad which don’t have the talents or the personnel capable of guaranteeing them an efficient presence on the web. The race for innovation and novelty in terms of internet sites encourages the hunt for new talents, and also the most creative will undoubtedly have the chance to create a hit of the sport.