Socks: A accessories for men with attitude

Socks have increased in popularity and have sometimes become the most iconic accessory in men’s looks. These are the ones that give the final touch between men’s shoes and pants to look impeccable, they are a garment that says a lot about the person’s personality.

Socks talk about your boy’s personality

Would you like to highlight the modernism of your partner but in one piece? This is the ideal accessory to achieve your goal. The socks, although in many opportunities they are not very noticeable, the trend has changed and it is time to make them the most outstanding accessory for your man.


Socks will add a lot of style to your partner’s outfit

The rule for many years was that the socks had to be the same color as the pants of the suit that your boyfriend wore, that rule has changed drastically, now the color and style have taken over this accessory. But remember that everything depends on the personality of your man, his comfort must always be above the use of this garment.

It is very fashionable to break the sobriety of the suit with colored stockings

To clear up your doubts, let’s see tips to help your boy choose the right socks for each occasion.

White cotton socks should only be worn with sneakers, not suits, it is in very bad taste

Another rule that your boy must be clear is that he should not wear long socks with shorts and neither short socks with long pants.

Suggest that he combine the texture of the suit with that of the socks, this will give a plus to the style of your partner

If those that your boy innovates in his look you can recommend that he combine the print or the color of the tie with that of the socks. This decision will make the suit stand out more, and of course the modern and daring personality of your partner

Men’s socks

Socks are the perfect complement for your boy to express his personality

13. Belts for the modern guy

Belts fulfill a function like all accessories, in men it is to hold and keep the shirt in place, it also has the aesthetic part, which is that this accessory adds elegance when it is in coordination with the shoes.

Belts are the ideal complement to give that touch of extra elegance to an outfit

This is why this accessory cannot be missing in your partner’s wardrobe. Although it is true that women can do without this element, but not for men since it would lose the essence of their style.

Belt for men

A belt combined with the shoes, will have a more sophisticated in the style of your partner

Can the belt improve or harm the image of your man?

Yes, and knowing the basic rules will save your boy from looking like a careless person, let’s see some tips for your boy to take into account when choosing a belt:

Wearing the correct size represents an error in men’s fashion if your man uses the wrong size of the belt, this should be as appropriate to his build.

Knowing how to combine the belt correctly, is a commandment that if the belt is elegant cut, you should not use it in a sporty or informal look, and less if it does not combine with the selected shoes.

Use proper width, in general many guys do not pay attention to this consideration, but it is extremely important that you are aware that the width of your man’s belt is in accordance with the context of him

Taking care of the size of the buckle in proportion to the height and complexion, is very important since it will also provide an aesthetic to the look selected by your partner, large buckles are good for more informal styles, small buckles combine perfectly for events with suits label

belt for men

Caring for the size of the belt buckle in proportion to your partner’s height and build is very important

Let’s see three types of belts that your boy should have in the wardrobe and that will give him great advantages to combine them with his oufits

The leather belt

A belt that every man should have is leather and a simple buckle, this accessory can be black or brown so that your boy has more options to combine with his clothing.

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The-leather-belt-A leather belt will allow your boy to use it for various formal occasions

The braided belt

This belt proposal is between the traditional and the more informal belts. But it can be an ideal accessory for your boy if he has a more semi-formal style, this fashion accessory can be made of leather like rubber, where even colors mix.

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braided belt A braided belt is a prop for a more comfortable look that may include shorts and tennis

The canvas belt

This belt is located among the most formal in sports outfits, it differs in that they combine between the leather ends and the rest of the belt in another material, even allowing the incorporation of colors and patterns.

Your boy should use this accessory where it suits sports occasions, where he never needs it in a more serious outfit or look.

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canvas belt The canvas belt offers great versatility for occasions where your boy wants to look more sporty