What is Hosting

The definition of Host derives from the English verb and translated into Italian way to host ( interpretation Hosting ), in reality web hosting is a service enabling you to actually host most of the files that define the web site on a Server, rendering it accessible through the web ( Hosted meaning ).

Server and Hosting are the same, so don’t get confused and just concentrate on the difference between domain and uk colocation.

Host meaning

Hosting may be the home of this website where the entire website content is hosted (files, files, images, videos) and in which the possibility of producing personalized email addresses is offered.

The Hosting plan can be compared to a folder inside some type of computer where you could place the files you need, with all the only difference that being on the net it could be consulted and searched by anybody through a unique and certain address that can be entered from any web browser, we are discussing the title regarding the website that takes the domain name.

Hosting also differs based on the operating system utilized (Windows or Linux), on Xlogic colocation uk on all of the LiteSpeed ​​Web Servers the CloudLinux operating system is set up, a far more safe, dependable and faster OS than Apache, Nginx and Windows.

UK server colocation

There are also several types of web cheap colocation that vary based on numerous facets such as the cost, the resources assigned, the type of server and a lot more, but we’ll constantly speak about this in this specific article in the next paragraphs, if you’d like to go straight to see which ones are the Hosting services made available from the Providers click here!

Domain included or Domain free? NO
Depending on the Hosting Provider, you can buy the packages uk server colocation that is including and or you can buy the solutions individually as on Xlogic Hosting.

Several times the hosting Providers include within the yearly fee regarding the plan that is Rackspace colocation the registration of a domain (e.g. domain .it – ​​domain .com – domain .eu), however, considers that the cost of an extension such as the domain it is around 10.12 euros per year so before buying that particular Hosting package including Domain, I suggest you compare the resources offered (disk space, traffic, Central Processing Unit, Ram, Inode, maximum hourly email giving, etc) plus the cost services with other Hosting Providers.

We inform you this because for example you could see a 1u colocation pricing offer including domain at a price of 100 euros per year, however you could also find an offer from another Provider that offers exactly the same resources at a cost of 80 euros a year minus the domain registration.

Right here, to your € 80 for the Hosting plan you add € 10 for domain registration as well as a lesser annual cost was able to buy the WebHosting services that will allow you to publish your site on the Internet.

Which Hosting to decide on: to start

Which Hosting ? It isn’t an easy task to choose a web hosting for your internet site, i know from it.

This choice is vital and should be taken with care because the Hosting service will represent the structure of your site.

To find the hosting plan that is best for the website, you ought to ask yourself a couple of questions, the main people below:

Free or paid hosting
A Web.Hosting solution can be both free and compensated, but then why wouldn’t you pay for a site for free if you can get it? The answer is simple! That’s why YOU ought not to CHOOSE A FREE OF CHARGE WEB HOSTING:

Site creation on 3rd degree domain (tuosito.provider.it), this way your internet site will grow on Google never since it won’t have a custom domain (tuodominio.it)
Restricting Server resources (Central Processing Unit, Ram, wide range of Processes), just it will start to be slow and the Provider will suspend the plan or ask you to purchase a paid service as it has some visitors
Constraint for the insertion of advertising ads on websites
Power to use only 1 mailbox , 1 database and so on
Long and non-exhaustive response times
Right here, they are a number of the reasons why I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU TO CHOOSE A FREE HOSTING! Consider that with about 30 euros a you will have the opportunity to purchase Hosting and Domain year.

Clear rates and transparency
On our web site you won’t find costs that start from € 2.99 – € 3.99 for the first year which are then tripled or quadrupled through the renewal phase.

We want to establish a relationship of trust and collaboration with all the customer and so we’ve chose to insert clear quantities that do not begin from DA but will be the ones the thing is (without €, 99) on a yearly / month-to-month basis.

Before purchasing a service at Xlogic, many users ask us if the renewal cost modifications in comparison to what is compensated for the purchase that is initial of solutions.

Definitely not! Xlogic applies a pricing policy which gives for maximum transparency.

The price for the Hosting purchase will remain exactly the same much for subsequent renewals.

Internet site creation: HTML, CMS or Website Builder
An online site is developed in numerous methods, until a couple of years ago most internet sites were developed in HTML and were called websites that are static.

A website that is static consists of a set of website pages that are separated from each other but which are regarding each other by a menu.

On a static website, each web page (.html or .htm) is updated manually using software such as Adobe Dreamweaver and then uploaded again online through an FTP service such as FileZilla.

Is generally considerably a static site is regarding safety once the code is hard to puncture, nevertheless the problems in updating the web pages therefore the waste of time are making the HTML sites less used and destined for extinction.

The specific situation is different for powerful sites , but what precisely they?

Dynamic websites utilize a more advanced level and different technology, in training most of the content of a powerful web site such as for example articles, pages, images and videos reside within a database that is connected to the website.

All contents are saved in tables that are queried through a programming language such as .php

The benefit of owning a dynamic website lies in the quicker, simpler handling of the pages plus in the possibility of integrating and handling the dynamic modules through the installation of plugins that permit you to carry out any operation including the insertion of galleries, more articles. current or higher popular and much more.

I understand, all of this in concept might be hard to realize but I am able to assure you that in training managing a powerful site is a lot easier and faster than a static site.

Dynamic internet sites have developed with time and CMS (Content Management System) happen developed and produced , systems that through the application of a management panel (backend) enable you to create pages, write articles, upload multimedia content in an even more immediate, and never having to know the development rule.

In this way, any person will have the opportunity to create a website from scratch without having special technical knowledge.